Russian Join

I recently discovered the Russian join through a wide variety of media and other bloggers.  One thing I didn’t see in my research on it was a “how to” manual for those mid-project.  I decided to try it, and so far, it’s worked really well for me.  So here’s how I did it:


I started with an already mostly-done knitting project, my scissors, a yarn needle, and of course, a new ball of yarn.

Taking my yarn needle, I carefully separated the fibers of my yarn fairly close to the end of the row.  This particular one is made up of four “strings” (I don’t know the technical term).  The needle slips between them.

I weaved the needle in…

After snipping the yarn a few inches down, I threaded it through the needle.

Pulled it through.  It should look something like this when you pull.  I left a loop in mine.

Taking the needle off the yarn, I threaded my new yarn through it, and pulled through the white loop.  I bent the red yarn over the loop for the white (looping them together.

I wove my needle through a portion of the red yarn.

I pulled the red yarn through itself.

Taking the two free ends between my thumbs and forefingers, I gently pulled as the two yarns came together in the center of the two loops, tying a knot in place.

I clipped the free ends (the ones I pulled) as close to the knot as I dared.  TADA!!! 

This does make a small bump where it was done.  I have a few spaces in my work where the ends of the yarn even came a little loose.  These should be easily hidden with some decent sewing of the edges.  I’m still working this project, and will show you the finished results once I’ve done it.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to share your questions or experiences with this in the comments below.  ~_<3