Just wanted to share this with everyone!  

I’ve been working on these paper coasters off and on for the last few months, and finally got them completely done.  In the midst of the work being done on them, I moved, hence the lengthy process, lol.

Originally, I found a similar idea on Pinterest.  It’s growing into a huge interest for me.  I’m absolutely amazed by all of the options paper brings us by way of arts, crafts, and even useful items like, oh say, COASTERS!!  

I lost a great deal of furniture in a move early this year, so I’m super impressed by all the things we can make ourselves for cheap if we’re willing to just put forth the time and effort.  Not only do these pieces become amazing artwork, but they’re a testament to the work anyone can do toward building their house into a home.  

The paper is magazine pages.  I think these are so amazing, and so much fun to make!

Coasters are available for sale on my Facebook Page and will later be available in my Etsy store.