#morningsnuggles #Gingy #Twitter

#morningsnuggles #Gingy #Twitter

Musings #5

The menu is not in the glowing abyss of my cell phone.

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Minimize on Monday: De-Storage

Ever put something away for later, and then forget about it?

Drew and I spent last Thursday rummaging through the house, looking for more things we can do without. While we didn’t find as much as I might have liked (haha), I did run across something rather disturbing in my personal closet of tricks.

As I cleared it out and rid myself of some things, I realized that my yarn collection had split. Some was in basket, while the rest had somehow migrated into a bag. As for the bag, I’ve no idea why I was keeping it. It’s in the donate pile now.

Every study I’ve ever done on my own personality involves some suggestive statement that I am highly likely to have an organized system which no one but myself will ever understand, and I suppose in a way, splitting up my yarn into two different locations was part of that. I worked with what was in the basket, and held the rest for later — but this became a problem as I forgot there was more in the bag and rather than working with it, went looking for more.

Yet, it’s not just me. It’s not just my personality type(s). We all do this in one way or another. We all have storage furnishing(s) we wish to cling to; often for odd or ridiculous reasons.

I’m so glad to be free of mine… though I’m grateful for the gift it gave me of laughing at my silly inclinations.

Oof! #Ryo you’re squishing me…#Haru

Oof! #Ryo you’re squishing me…#Haru

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Shoptalk: Getting Classy

I have signed up for a class on knitting in the round over at Craftsy! Knitting in the round has been quite a challenge for me, and I look forward to a new understanding of it.

If you are interested in joining in the class, here is a link to it. Happy knitting!!

Musings #4

Things pile up quickly if we’re not careful. So today, Drew and I spent the afternoon cleaning house and getting rid of things we no longer need. Soon we’ll be making a trip to the local Goodwill to donate some things.

It’s always such a relief to let go of things that we’re not going to be using again. I can’t wait to see how much of a dent we’ve made when the time comes to move again. :)

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Minimize on Monday: Ride a Bike

As of a few months back, Drew and I no longer have a vehicle. I’ll miss that old truck, but I’m so excited about our greener methods of travel that I honestly don’t know that I’ll ever want another car or truck.

Life without a motorized vehicle has been very interesting to say the least. I chose a very simple old-style bike without those fussy extra speeds. To brake, I must pedal backwards — and I LOVE IT!! I find that I feel much safer on these bicycles than on a mountain bike. There was no warning label on this bicycle suggesting that unsuspectingly squeezing the brake with my fingers may result in accidental circus stunts of catastrophic proportions.

At first, I was extremely nervous:
◆ How would we get groceries? The nearest grocer in any direction is at least 2 miles out, and the nearest Wal*Mart (our usual grocer) is at least 3 miles away.
◆ What about when we had to move again?! We’re renting this place — there is no real guarantee we can rent it for another year.
◆ What about all the fun things we could do with a car — like going out of town, or making a quick trip anywhere?

The what ifs continued. But then I realized that it wasn’t the end of the world. The speed of life more commonly known as the ‘rat race’ is an unnatural, man-made design. It’s flawed. We traded that for a breather. We have a privilege:

• Lessened financial burden. Bicycle parts are much cheaper than car parts — and the fuel use is awesome as it’s no more than the cost of groceries!
• Bicycle baskets!! I love the look of these, and will soon be ordering a handmade one outfitted with everything needed to allow Gingy to travel with us! He is super excited, and has been wanting to come along on bike trips.
• Freedom — we can go pretty much wherever as long as we have a bike lock on hand. I use a word-lock on mine.
• Automatic air conditioning — dependent upon how much exercising umph the rider puts into their biking experience.
• Shortly after we got our bicycles, I started noticing and paying more attention to other bikers in our city — the variety is so amazing!!
• More exercise.
• Fresher air.
• I would imagine biking to work is faster than driving a car — because of all the traffic.
• Bus travel — I rarely befriend others on buses (there was this one time on a Greyhound, and we’re still friends who stay in touch), but when I do, I find them to be quite interesting and fun to chat with. Time on the bus also familiarizes us with our location, as well as offering a place to just chill for a bit. I spend my bus travel reading — usually while listening to Big Band music from back when.
• Fun things require more planning and looking forward to rather than instant gratification.
• Pets can travel, too! And I’ve found several pet-friendly locations I’d love to take my dog to.

While these were not our initial reasons for switching to bicycles, we are ecstatic with our choice, and look forward to the possibilities and opportunities opening up because of it.

I can see the world from here…

Puppy snuggles with #Gingy

Puppy snuggles with #Gingy

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Found this T-shirt in Wal-Mart. #dancedontwalk 


Found this T-shirt in Wal-Mart. #dancedontwalk


#myview #HickoryNC

#myview #HickoryNC

Fetch Addict


Each morning, we roll out of bed around 9. It’s a little late for most folks, myself included, but Drew works late into the night, often not arriving home until after midnight. I wait up for him, and we’ve re-arranged our meal-times so that we can share supper together.

First thing every morning is Gingy’s walk. I put on his collar {he goes to bed ‘naked’ or in a t-shirt} and he tries to snuggle back into our bed for another nap. Drew finally rouses him, clips on the leash, and they go. It’s a little time for just the two of them — Gingy’s “Daddy N Me” time. Maybe that’s weird since Gingy’s a dog, but we don’t think so. It re-inforces Drew as our “pack leader,” though he’s rarely here during the bulk of our day.

When Drew is ready for work, we all go back outside with Gingy’s ball and play a few rounds of Fetch or Find. Fetch, is throwing the ball and Gingy returns with it. Find is where Gingy loses the ball in some tall grass, and we must then go find it for him. I play with him twice more throughout the day, giving him plenty of time to exercise, and offering myself a needed reprieve from the joys of crafting, branding, and blogging.

Gingy is addicted to playing fetch! He’s so into it, he doesn’t like to leave the house without his ChuckIt! Launcher and ball. He also does not like to wait to play — so the minute he’s outside, he wants the ball, and will not go potty till he’s done playing — except for that one walk in the morning. Well, Gingy is learning…

So a few days ago, Drew left for work early in the morning, and didn’t take Gingy out because he was waiting on a friend to pick him up. When I took Gingy for his first walk of the day, the poor puppy didn’t NEED to go potty, as he’d done his business the night before. But he thought surely I wouldn’t have left the house without his toys!! So, he squatted, and squeezed till he shook, and he looked up at me so pitifully… And when all was said and done, I laughed, and felt bad… and told him he was such a good boy for trying.

When we do play ball, he carries it home like a trophy.  We let him keep it a little while.


Now, that’s a happy dog!!

Shoptalk: Autumn

This week, I have been gradually making a new necklace in some Fall colors — mainly orange, pink, and some hints of purple. I’ve struggled for weeks to decide how to use a specific charm, and finally came up with the idea to use it for an Autumn piece — something memorable for someone out there to wear to Autumn parties.

In other news, I’ve big plans for this Fall. I want to re-introduce some of my crocheting to the shop — particularly scarves. I’ve found scarves and cowls to be a particular favorite make of mine. Quickly made, easily paired with outfits, and so gorgeously draped on the wearer. Not to mention a great way to promote a free-hug-via-handmade-gift campaign!

Hope to see everyone visiting the shoppe this Fall to see what’s new as the year progresses.

Thank you for reading!