I am working hard to make LaLau Land a little more exciting for all of us. Here is my reading for today, and I really recommend it for anyone who feels lost the moment they hear the letters SEO strung together…

I am in Chapter 3, still a little lost on some of the technological terms, but it’s making more sense than the 3 letters did. I’m super excited!

Have a great day!

Morning #snuggle with #Twitter

Morning #snuggle with #Twitter

#puppyslobbers #Gingy

#puppyslobbers #Gingy

Minimize on Monday: Apologies NOT Approved


Yes, I handwrote “I’m sorry” in 10 languages and took a photo.  Translations  from HowToSayIn.  

Life is frightening, isn’t it?

As humans, we seek approval from others because we need them; and God forbid we offend any necessary being!! So we explain our lives, our circumstances, our shortcomings to everyone in desperate attempts to insure that they are “okay with us”; that they affirm us and our problems.

Just yesterday, I was thinking about this and I had a clarifying moment… We all have a need to share our lives, our circumstances… But none of us needs to dwell on it, neither do we owe explanations barring necessary apologies. Frankly, I think the only individual any of us owes an explanation of our failures and faults is God — and He’s omniscient, so why bother unless He humors us by asking?

Speaking of apologies, thanks to a friend, (oh, #Sassy, dear!) I recently became more aware of the fact that I apologize and justify apologies, often without realizing I’ve done so.

Yes… I’m a little {okay, a LOT} insecure, because as we’ve already discussed, living is the scariest thing I’ll ever do; but I’m an adult, attempting to live to the fullest in joy, despite whatever fears I face. Because fear is {usually} an irrational breakdown of the human psyche. As Kelly Williams Brown states in her wonderful book, Adulting: How to Become a Grown - Up in 468 Easy{ish} Steps, “think horses, not zebras.” I struggle with thinking “zebras” first — I call this ailment “fantastical-imaginitis”.

But today… today, I’m not going to tell you why. Because —
• I don’t owe the explanation.
• Haven’t I already given it during my “life is scary” speech?
• You know enough, and oversharing never helped anyone.

Minimize apologies. Minimize explanation. Because life sucks sometimes, and explaining it won’t fix it. Fixing it, will though. ~_<3

Shoptalk: New Necklace Designs

Over the last few weeks, and right before Georgi passed, I started playing around with my beads and chains. Don’t get too excited gents, this isn’t about to get kinky — though your ladies might help with that if you purchase some “pretty colors” from my shop!

My personal jewelry choices are generally eclectic or unique. I love handmade and mixed metals — particularly vintage pieces with a hint of modern flair. I’ve always wondered why jewelry had to be so costume or so fine, so I decided to toy with the aesthetic of my jewelry pieces in an attempt to mix the two styles in appearance. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve a ton of beads I just haven’t gotten around to using yet. This was my way to go about minimizing them. I just came up with a few different ideas for necklaces in particular.

I took apart and reassembled mixed metal chains, adding bead sets between the links of the chains. In each of these necklaces, I doubled the chain up so that the chain appears to separate into two strands of beads. Each necklace ends in a distinctive charm.

Two of these will be up in the shop, one of which has a matching bracelet and earrings. The third necklace {first photo} is my own. I hope you will all let me know what you think!

Totally thought these were biscuits at first. They&#8217;re #mushrooms&#8230;

Totally thought these were biscuits at first. They’re #mushrooms…

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#TwittyKitty cuddles

#TwittyKitty cuddles

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Necklace, earrings and bracelet set made today during #creativesunite

Necklace, earrings and bracelet set made today during #creativesunite

Musings #3

I was a tomboyish child, and when I reached teenhood, I was occasionally asked if I didn’t care what others thought of my appearance. I was clean, tried to be neat, and while I found smooth surfaces delightful — shaving my legs simply was not a priority!

And then I grew up. Today, the question has become an emphatic statement. “Hey you! Yeah, you! Don’t care what others think, just BE YOURSELF!!”

I agree. But I also want to put it out there that it is entirely possible to do both. Because I realized recently that when I am caring what others think about me, I’m actually trying to tell them that:

• I care about them.
• While I accept that I may grievously offend them someday, I really hope that I don’t. Particularly if I cannot apologize for the offense.
• I hope they care about me in return.

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In which #Gingy #dives for his ball. Lol

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My #littlehelper napped through most of this&#8230; #Gingy

My #littlehelper napped through most of this… #Gingy