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Tipsy Tuesday: Only a Mile

Today is April 15th. For those of us in America, this is the {dreaded} tax day.

Well, most years, we get ours done early. This year, though… we just put it off till yesterday. Why, you ask? Oh, let me tell you…

I called the good people at H&R Block 2 months back. While I had the kindly gentleman on the line, I decided I should warn him that we were bound to be the subject of his nightmares for many moons to come. I rattled off the details from how we’ve lived temporarily in 3 states while receiving unemployment from a fourth.

The tax man {bless his heart} didn’t faint on me. He did, however, try to explain all the tax gobbledygook… and by the end of his spiel, I didn’t know whether to cry, vomit, or give in to the tax migraine and go back to bed.

Yesterday, we walked a mile and a half to the nearest H&R Block. On the way there, I kept thinking that a mile isn’t that far until you walk it.

A different gentleman helped to unravel the whole mess for us and do you know what? It wasn’t as big of a mess as we had thought! But then we realized that I didn’t have my ID with us, and he couldn’t finish documenting our taxes until we had the ID. We walked back home, and tried again today. Today, it was pouring down rain! We were soaked before we got there.

Drew and I parted ways so he could go to work. When I got home, I found that my shoes, which were drenched, had blistered my feet in at least 4 places as a result of the wetness. Plus, the blisters broke.

Then I smiled… It was only a mile


So pretty

So pretty



So&#8230; today Drew met a lady. A lady old enough for her license to be respectfully taken from her. She RAN OVER Drew&#8217;s foot with her car, STOPPED ON HIS FOOT to mouth her apologies, and drove away seeking other unsuspecting prey.

So… today Drew met a lady. A lady old enough for her license to be respectfully taken from her. She RAN OVER Drew’s foot with her car, STOPPED ON HIS FOOT to mouth her apologies, and drove away seeking other unsuspecting prey.



Minimize on Monday: Tough as Polished Nails


Initially, I was so excited to be a minimalist, I wanted to share. I wanted to bounce ideas off of like-minded women. So I set out to find some of these like-minds, and well… I failed. At the time, I had only heard of The Minimalists and Colin Wright. I did some poking around, but didn’t find any lady minimalists. At first.

This posed a huge problem for me. The gentlemen are correct when they say we haven’t any need for sentimental items, full-to-bursting shoes-only closets, or hulking photo albums dating back to when we spoke to folks we “really should call and catch up with”. Fair enough. But I believe that as organic nurturers, it’s quite difficult for some women to part with certain things. Men, on the other hand, face no less of a challenge. As natural providers, they {often} see the world from a more logical, “I can live without it” standpoint. Men are pioneers, daring one another to go further than the last. Have you ever heard, “Wait, hang on! I’ve got to try…!” Yep. There it is, and oh yes, he definitely did. And you? You {likely} screamed / fainted / panicked and frantically made deals with God.

So what, then, is a woman to do with her nail polish? Her makeup? Jewelry? Clothing? Shoes? The dishes someone gave her that she does use, but doesn’t have space to keep all of them? And how does she choose which dishes should be kept, anyway? How many plates / bowls / cups are “too many”? Is it rude to serve BBQ / dinner party guests on Chinet? Am I okay with having only two sets of sheets for my one bed; could I get by with just one set?

These questions, and many, many more pelted me for weeks.  I wanted  step-by-step guide; proof that not only had someone gone before, but they left a rule-book behind.  But we are each different and special in our own ways, and that is what we must embrace.  There is NO rule-book.  Only the individual, their personal belongings, and their choices regarding what they wish to keep remain.  

So you want a detailed list?  Please. Don’t look for it.  Encouragement?  Perhaps someone to walk with you?  Okay.  That much I can do. I can even share my process.  But {forgive me} I cannot give you a formula. 

With love,

LaLa ~_<3

#TwittyKitty won&#8217;t let me get closer to mommy&#8230; #sadface #GeorgiBoy

#TwittyKitty won’t let me get closer to mommy… #sadface #GeorgiBoy

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